SPA Bhopal has been offering research and consultancy services to various organisations on projects of exemplary merit. The projects which are currently in process are listed below.

  1. locally based green practices to realise establishment of sound material societies in Asian cities. (Asia Pacific Network and United Nations University – Institute for Sustainability and Peace, Tokyo, Japan)
  2. Urban Development with co-benefits approach: a case of waste management in Surat. (United Nations University – Institute for Advance Studies, Yokohama, Japan)
  3. Collection of data for developing Low Carbon Society scenario for Bhopal, India (Mizuho Information and Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan)
  4. Impact Assessment Study of Completed Project under Sub-Mission UIG of JnNURM (Municipal Corporation, Bhopal)
  5. Collaborating for Climate. UK-India faculty, curriculum and network development project for Climate and Carbon Management. (A collaborative project with Queens University, Belfast UK, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India, funded by the British Council.)
  6. Preparation and Review of the Urban Development Plan of Samdrupjongkhar. (Ministry of Works and Housing, Royal Government of Bhutan)
  7. Heritage Impact Assessment, Khajuraho.
  8. Redevelopment of Mahakaal Van Kshetra Heritage area as cultural interface, Ujjain.