About Graphics laboratory
The institute has a fully equipped two laboratories with 28 Computers in each. The Aim of the laboratory is to equip the students with knowledge & practice of relevant & latest Software, so that they can use these tools towards design development and implementation related drawings and documents.

The computers are equipped with a wide range of software essential for the profession of architecture and planning, such as Autodesk (3ds Max, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor), graphics software, Corel draw, Photoshop, GIS software and other 2-d/3-d image rendering software. All the computers in the lab are equipped with internet facility. The broadband and wireless connection facilities provide a continuous internet access.

The Lab manages overall computer network of SPA Bhopal which includes individual faculty/staff terminals, institute labs, library etc. Owing to our highly qualified computer administrators, technology support is always available to faculty, staff and students on one-to-one basis as well as in the form of occasionally organized training sessions on general computer literacy and internet browsing. Uninterrupted high-speed (1 Gbps) internet Wi-Fi/cable access is available throughout the institute building. Hostels are also equipped with internet facility to ensure internet access for students even after Institute working hours.

Local area networking has been provided in the academic area, hostels and residential areas. There are nearly 400+ users who are using internet and the computing facilities. The institute is equipped with wired lease line (1 GBPS) supported by National Informatics Centre (NIC) – National Knowledge Network (NKN) Bhopal and railtel.

The lab staff manages Web-based e-mail access, web site maintenance, and centralized data storage including provision of technical support for hardware and software issues

The lab has 15 KVA UPS which is used as a power backup.

To streamline communication relating to various activities and events conducted by SPA Bhopal, CMC (Communication and Media Cell) serves as an institutional hub for dissemination of information, mainly through digital media.

The Lab provides support for various remote sensing software, GIS and 3-D modeling resources and other equipments. GIS’s Workstations are equipped with high-end hardware, software and satellite data so that the students can perform analysis, mapping, query for spatial/geographical data.

To facilitate sharing of educational material, research, services, and library facilities with other institutes in the country, NKN provides high performance computing facilities, e- Libraries, virtual classrooms and a collection of large database.

The NKN will enable scientists, researchers and students from different backgrounds and diverse geographic locations to work closely for advancing human development in critical and emerging areas.

About Graphics Lab Software
--> Autodesk Autocad 2016
--> Autodesk 3ds Max 2016
--> Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016
--> Google Sketchup 8
--> Creative Cloud 2015
--> Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6
--> MicroSoft Office 2007

About Graphics Lab Hardware
    --> Dell Precision T1650 Workstation - 56 No.
    --> Intel® Xeon® processor.
    --> Windows 7 Professional OS.
    --> Powerful graphics options include AMD FirePro™ or NVIDIA® Quadro®.
    --> RAM 4GB
    --> HDD 1TB
    --> HP Desktop - 4 No.

Sanjeev Singh
HOD Architecture
Professor, Architecture

Abhinav Shrivastava
Junior Superintendent
In-charge Of Graphics Lab

Manish Namdev
Lab Attendant