Online Catalogue          

All the students, faculty members and employees of the Institute can register themselves for the membership of the Library. A unique Library ID will be provided to each member.

The borrowing privileges of different category of members are as follows:
Category No. of Books Duration Membership Form(Signed by)
Faculty 7 60 Days H.O.D.
Ph.D. Scholar 5 30 Days H.O.D.
P.G. Student 4 15 Days H.O.D.
U.G. Student 3 15 Days H.O.D.
Group A Staff 4 30 Days H.O.D.
Other Staff 3 30 Days Section Head
Guest Faculty 2 15 Days H.O.D.
Outsource/Project Staff 1 15 Days Section Head/Supervisor

Membership Renewal
Membership will be renewed as given below:
Students – Registration
Regular faculty and staff members – Once in a year
Guest Faculty – Every six month/according to their period of appointment
Outsource, project, etc. staff – Every six month/according to their period of appointmen

Reference Services
Readers may approach the Circulation/Membership Desk for information or any assistance in the use of the library collections and services.

The Library maintains a separate reference collection consisting of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, manuals, atlases, bibliographies, etc. The collections other than general collection is organized in the following sub-categories:

*Not for issue & restricted to library premises only.

C – General Books
R – Reference Collection*
TH – Thesis/ Dissertations*
T – Textbook (Allowed for overnight transaction after 3.30 PM)
RES - Reserve Collection*
H – Hindi Collection

Current as well as bound journals are arranged alphabetically. The books are arranged subject wise. The subject divisions are as follows:
000 – Computer science, information & general works
100 – Philosophy & psychology
200 – Religion
300 – Social Sciences
400 – Language
500 – Natural Science
600 – Technology (Applied Science)
700 – Arts & recreation
800 – Literature
900 - History & geography

Always use online catalogue to know the availability and location of the document.

Photocopy and other Mechanical Reproduction of Library Documents

Photocopying of the library documents is allowed for research purpose only.
Photocopy of thesis and dissertations are not allowed.
Photocopy is restricted to A4 size only and cost is 50 paise per single exposure.