The  NAIP is to facilitate accelerated and sustainable transformation of Indian agriculture in support of poverty alleviation and income generation by collaborative development and application of agricultural innovation by the public research organizations in partnership with the farmerís groups, the private sector, the civil society organizations and other stakeholders.

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  Agri-Tech Investors Meet    National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) organized a two-day Agri-Tech Investors Meet during July 18-19, 2013 at the NASC Complex, New Delhi...

New Letter for submission of Annual Accounts by ICAR Institutions for NAIP/GEF sub-projects for the FY 2013-14

New Letter for submission of Annual Accounts by Non-ICAR Institutions for NAIP/GEF sub-projects for the FY 2013-14

New Letter reg. payment of Audit Fees for conducting External Audit of the FY 2013-14

New Circular regarding procurement of proprietary items upto the limit of USD 10000

New Instructions to be followed for closure of each and every NAIP sub-project

New Letter to consortia partners regarding details of refund made to PIU-NAIP since inception of sub-projects

New Non-payment of salary to RA/SRF


New Cloned Buffalo GARIMA-II produces female calf MAHIMA at NDRI, Karnal

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Project Appraisal Document
Sub-project Directory of NAIP
NAIP Annual Report 2012-13
Format for Sub-project Annual Report
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